maybe crying can do me some good since i’ve kept it all bottled up,

mutant and proud.

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Getting ready for the reboot!

im starting to realize how much it sucks to be living at home when im supposed to be off at college enjoying it all has to offer. to me its not the best choice. i want to be able to experience living on campus for a year or two. i want to be able to make my decisions, to learn from my mistakes. not to have my parents there every step of the way making sure im doing what they want. being 18 doenst mean anything to them. in there eyes im still a little girl. im not really allowed to go out and do stuff teenagers my age are experiencing. the only reason why i have a job is to keep me from getting bored. it gives me somewhere to go and to have a purpose. i dont have friends but when im at work it feels like i do. we talk about anything and everything. all my “friends” from high school dont talk to me, they dont even bother to let me know they are home for the weekend. and my own cousin is too busy for me. i feel like i have no one. sure having elias is nice but i cant just see him every day. i need a girl friend to hangout with. i feel so alone most days.